Sarp Gandha

Sarp Gandha

Relief from Hyper Tension

Mode of action :-

Sarpgandha is an excellent remedy to cure all grades and varieties of hypertension, cardio vascular and renal, nervous anxiety and irritability, insomnia, tremors, thyrotoxicosis hyper aesthetic sexual condition, rapid palpitation hysteria.

Special Advantages and Safety : -

Sarp Gandha is a balance combination of herbs extracts known to have favorable influence on high blood pressure stress nervous tension, sleeplessness, cardiac diseases and mental worries which are rising in modem. this drug is a unique blend of non habit forming herbal ingredients that controls high blood pressure and soothers the entire nervous system there by promoting sound sleep.


2 teaspoonful with half cup of water thrice daily in acute condition can be repeated or as directed by the physician.