Radically advanced antipyretic for symptomatic relief of fever


An excellent remedy for any type of fever. e. g. Malaria, Influenza, remittent, typhoid etc. Controls temperature within short time, helps in regularization of normal function of the vital organ. Wonderful palliative in case of acute congestive, Inflammatory feverish condition.

Special advantages and safety:-

Allen’s Feverite Rapidly checks and brings down high body temperature.Provides analgesic action and gratifying relief from associated distressingsymptoms. Produces sound sleep and initiates convalescence. Feverite is an efficacious antipyreatic and analgesic, provides total freedom from anyundesirable side effects Feverite can be ideally combined with any other prophylactic therapy.


Children:1 Teaspoonful
Adults: 2 Teaspoonful taken every 3 hours or as directed by the Physician.