Coughex Cough Syrup

Coughex Cough Syrup

Complete Antitussive and proven expectorant


Pharmaceutically balanced formula for prompt symptomatic relief of unproductive cough. Inflammatory catarrahal conditions of respiratorytract, naso- respiratory allergy. Laryngitis, rhinopharingitis. Bronchiectasis, influenza, smoker’s cough, irritating cough of tuberculosis, whooping cough, Complete antitussive and proven expectorant.

Special advantages and safety:-

Allen’s Coughex is not only treats the symptoms but goes in to the rootof the disorder, while its action is gradual, it is sure and steady Coughexis excellently tolerated and does not show hypersensitivity or toxicity and may be given for a prolong period without developing any drug resistance. It is completely safe and non-toxic even for children, too.


Adults: 2 Teaspoonful.
Children:1/2 Teaspoon every 3 hours with Luke warm water or as directed by the Physician